S2 Team Training


Our 6-person team training is designed to individually develop all the essential dimensions of fitness, shed unwanted bodyfat, build lean muscle, functionalize your body and crush goals in as little as 30 minutes a day.

Find Your Fit

Our team training line-up is designed to give you the variety of intensity and focus to maximize your training throughout the week. Find a flow to fit your goals. Check out our schedule below.

Mondays & Fridays

Total Athlete

The total athlete is the backbone of the S2 Method. A full-throttle, total body HIIT. No breaks, no excuses. This is the best 30-minutes of misery you will ever experience. Total Athlete is offered on Monday’s and Friday’s to allow for optimal recovery time and adaptation. Not to mention, the best way to start and end your week.

S2 Method Total Athlete


Inner Athlete

Looking for the perfect mind-muscle fusion? Inner athlete is our Hump Day offering for midweek restoration and a lower intensity workout, or on Saturdays to piggy back that Friday HIIT. A unique combination of mindset, muscle movement, & corrective exercise with a core specific focus.

S2 Method Inner Athlete


Functional Athlete

We all need some reminders about how to move mindfully, and do the simple things right. The focus every Thursday is to enhance movement patterns, and address asymmetric structural issues. This team training session will infuse a combination of stability strength, core integration, contra-lateral resistance work, and balance.

S2 Method Functional Athlete

Tuesdays & Saturdays

Strength Athlete

You guessed it. This the S2’s version of good old-fashioned weight training. All sessions include traditional barbell training, muscle growth/development and emphasis on technique and enhanced strength. Strength Athlete is offered on Tuesdays, and Saturdays.

S2 Method Strength Athlete

"I started nutrition with Dr.Tiff and would pass Stew's training classes often- the workouts looked intimidating. Once I figured out that I was training longer at Orange Theory
and not seeing the results Stew's clients were, I switched to training with Stew. Since then, I'm in better shape, lost weight and put on muscle- huge difference! The training isn't easy
and some days feel impossible, but if you stick with it, you'll be very happy with your outcome."

Julia Schultz — Marketing Director

Ready For Serious Training?

Let's see if you and your team are a good fit for the S2 Method.