There is one thing that separates an elite athlete from a mediocre one;
the ability to achieve a state of mental mastery, specifically dedicated focus and psychological resilience. 

A new state of mind

We have developed an audio product that brings this mental mastery to everyday athletes like you! Meditraining induces a flow state and allows you to reach unimaginable levels of physical performance. Each audio file gives the listener the tools to achieve optimal mental focus, breath-body connection and a resilience to environmental distraction. By bridging that mind-muscle threshold you will excel.

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Guided Meditation

The foundation of all mindfulness is a present-focused, awareness of breath and the body, without judgement. An acceptance of thoughts and emotions which can then be used to drive positive and productive behaviors. The guided meditations will help you to build these skills as you work into the more performance specific modules.

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S2 Method Meditraining Medicycling Female cyclist on stationary bike


Peloton™ eat your heart out. We might not have shirtless instructors live from New York City, but we have your own guided intentions, your own mental grit and energy which will catapult you into new thresholds. Being able to use your own mind and your own internal dialogue is something that will never be replaced.

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S2 Method Meditraining Medirunning Female on road running in rain while listening to audio device on earbuds


The runner’s high is a real thing, and we can help you get there effortlessly, and consistently. By using the rhythm of the road, and the rhythm of your breath, you can settle into your gait, and conserve the mental energy often used to delay fatigue and muscle movement such that you can train longer and harder before you hit the wall.

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The science behind walking as a means for achieving higher states of mental acuity, and meditation are well-founded. Meditative walking connects the individual more deeply to the mindbody experience. It also provides access to a multi-sensory environment, allowing the body and  mind to slow down as opposed to walking mindlessly as most people do. Mediwalking takes the process one step further by providing directive guidance and distraction avoidance as you complete the 60-minute exercise progression.

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The mind-muscle connection is at the heart of the Stewart Breeding method and was the basis for developing the Meditraining© series. To leave out the importance of mindfulness as it relates to strength training would be to neglect the roots of our concept. Intention, body awareness, posture, breathwork and visual focus are essential for maximizing strength gains in the gym. The Medilifting© audio download w your technique and the ease of movement as will exponentially improve PRs, power and absolute strength as compared to lifting alone.

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